If you don’t have the space or have a small area that needs more light and a traditional skylight won’t fit; consider a Velux Sun Tunnel. These solar tubes allow natural light to flood the room by utilizing an opening as little as a 10″ diameter. Stop in at our Ephrata showroom to see a Sun Tunnel on display.

Skylights and Roof Windows

Let the sun shine in! Skylights and roof windows are a great way to flood your living space with more natural light. There are many options available, from fixed skylights to venting, solar screens and blinds, remote controls or manual operating, and many energy efficient glass options. Skylights make your home look and feel more spacious and are a great way to cut back on energy consumption during daylight hours.

Smuckers has years of experience installing residential and commercial skylights throughout South Central Pennsylvania. Whether you want to replace an existing skylight or install a new solar tube, we will take care of it from the design through to the installation. Contact us or stop in and we’ll get you started.