Spouting & Gutter Topper

spoutingIt’s a fact: You have a life. Sam S. Smucker & Sons, Inc. understands that you have enough to do without having to spend hours up a ladder, pulling leaves, pine needles, and who knows what kind of debris out of your gutters. While tools such as a blower or leafblaster can you save you time, effectively using these heavy, cumbersome tools perched on a ladder can be a messy and dangerous chore indeed.

We also know that when it rains, it pours – all over your roof, clogging your debris-filled gutters and sending water all over the place. Gutters are vitally important in directing the water away from your home and keeping your roof and walls safe and dry.

That’s why Smucker offers affordable, professional on-site spouting and gutter cleaning services at your convenience. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is trained to do the best job possible to keep your gutters in tip-top shape!

Contact us today for more information, to schedule a service call or request an estimate! We offer spouting and gutter cleaning and gutter covers to south central PA, including Lancaster, Lebanon, York, and Chester counties.


Let Our Gutter Guards and Leaf Guard Systems Protect Your Home

Although we offer the best pricing structure on gutter cleaning in Lancaster and the rest of South Central PA, Smucker understands that it is often better to protect your home from the weather’s effects before the rain and debris have a chance to clog your gutters. That is why we offer our top-of-the-line gutter guards and leaf guards to solve these problems, including GutterTopper and The Leaf Terminator, which will:

  • Reinforce and protect your entire home’s gutter systems
  • Stop debris and leaves from accumulating on the insides of your downspouts and gutters
  • Require no, or very little, maintenance under normal conditions
  • Install right over your existing gutter system
  • Strengthen the structure of your existing gutter system
  • Withstand ice and torrential rains
  • Come in a wide variety of stylish colors to instantly add curb appeal to your home
  • Keep you off of the ladder and on the ground!

Contact Smucker today to find out how easy it is for us to install our leaf guards and gutter guards over your existing gutter system. Our simple system locks into place over your gutters to cut down your maintenance costs and keep you off of the ladder, and on the ground, enjoying the view of your beautiful gutter guards and leaf guards.

Request an estimate today, or contact us to schedule a service call when you’re ready! Your Smucker professional will guide you through the options, choices, and installation process. From there, you can relax…Smucker has you covered!


Sam S. Smucker and Sons is a national award winner for Gutter Topper and Leaf Terminator Installations!