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Our Siding Contractors Offer Insulated Vinyl Siding to Lancaster County, PA

Most homeowners want two things from their choice of siding: pride and peace of mind. With Smucker’s professional siding contractors and installers, along with high quality products, you get both…and more.

Smucker’s siding contractors take care of all details and make sure your home is protected with top-of-the-line materials. Every installation is backed with years of installation experience, guarantees and product warrantees.

Relax. Smucker has your home covered.

Smucker features Provia CedarMax; the very latest in high-tech insulated vinyl siding. Yes, insulated.

This unique system provides up to 4x more insulation than standard siding, and is 300% more impact resistant than other siding panels. It reduces noise, stops drafts and is maintenance free.

Our siding contractors provide services to Lancaster County, Harrisburg, York and Chester County, Pennsylvania. Call us today for a free consultation and to start your siding project!

We had needed to replace our windows in our house. We got several quotes and chose Smuckers. They were in the middle of the road on price but seemed more knowledgeable than the others. The process was painless. The windows turned out great. They have very good craftsmanship! One window was a real challenge and we had a concern about the looks from the inside. Without making a big deal about it or charging us more the employee went above and beyond the quoted job to make the window look fantastic. I will never hire anyone else for windows or doors. They quality materials are sure to last a lifetime. I would not buy cheap drop in replacement windows like others are doing.

-John Williams

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