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Our Process

  • Step 1 – Initial Conversation & Consultation

    This is our “get to know each other step”. Whether you come in to us with a plan in place, or you have just an idea, or simply need a repair -we work with you to flesh out your dreams to make them a reality. Our knowledgeable sales staff meet with you in your home or our office to help you come up with a plan, begin to pick materials and visualize the end result.


  • Step 2 – Pricing and Planning

    Once your ideas are collected, we begin to coordinate prices with our suppliers. This allows us to provide you with a budget that works for your taste and finances. We also work up the time and labor costs during this phase. We work hard to make sure you have accurate estimates, so our cost quote stays on track. We then will present you with a final proposal and schedule a follow up meeting to go over any needed changes. Clear communication is important to us so that we know we are on the same page and we are working hard to make your home dreams come true. Finally, in this phase we talk about a preliminary schedule and write and sign a contract based on all our latest information, and your choices and plans.

  • Step 3 – Pre-Production and Deposit Payment

    Once the contract is signed and the down-payment received, we begin scheduling! Your specific project will be assigned a knowledgeable Project Manager who will work with you, suppliers and qualified installers to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. We will then communicate with you the tentative install date.

  • Step 4 – Production

    Once we have the necessary materials in our warehouse, and any permits obtained, we can begin your project! Your Project Manager will communicate with you to make sure that your project runs smoothly and any unforeseen changes are communicated clearly and quickly. We work hard to make this phase as quick and least disruptive to your life as possible.

  • Step 5- Completion and Quality Assurance

    This is the most exciting step because your project is almost complete and ready to enjoy! The final invoice and all pertinent warranty information will be sent out to you.

    As homeowners ourselves, we have been through home renovation projects and know the inconvenience, hassle, and mess that can come along with the process. Because of that, we are committed to making your home project be the best it can be for our customers, because we want you to know that the next time you want to improve or repair your home- we are the ones to call!

We had needed to replace our windows in our house. We got several quotes and chose Smuckers. They were in the middle of the road on price but seemed more knowledgeable than the others. The process was painless. The windows turned out great. They have very good craftsmanship! One window was a real challenge and we had a concern about the looks from the inside. Without making a big deal about it or charging us more the employee went above and beyond the quoted job to make the window look fantastic. I will never hire anyone else for windows or doors. They quality materials are sure to last a lifetime. I would not buy cheap drop in replacement windows like others are doing.

-John Williams

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