We were very pleased with the product and workmanship. Smucker & Sons were very knowledgeable and the guys who installed the windows and gutters were great. There isn’t anything I can say negative with them. I would recommend Smucker & Sons for all your renovations. Next on our list is storm doors, Smucker will be installing them.

– Lori from Lancaster PA

Old school service. The entire process from start to finish met or exceeded my expectations. There was no sales pressure when I began shopping for replacement doors. Phil was very knowledgeable and patient, giving me multiple quotes and working within my budget. My project was scheduled over multiple days. The project manager communicated on a regular basis the status of the project. The crew was professional and courteous. Six months after the project was completed the weather changed and Smucker and Sons came out immediately to make adjustments to the doors. I wish every business met their customers’ needs the way Smucker and Sons does. I would highly recommend and would be a repeat customer.

– Paula from Ephrata PA

From a new storm door installation by Manny who expertly added additional material to make sure everything fit perfectly. To Ed who noticed a crack in a new window frame and rather than try to hide it, made sure I knew and a new frame was ordered with a priority order. All of the Smucker people I’ve dealt with have been great! Would not hesitate to use them again.

– Pat from Columbia

“I have used Smucker for 2 Roofs, a complete home window replacement, complete door replacement and they have rewarded me by being Johnny on the spot when I had water leakage from ice build-up last winter and I was out of town. They came and did a temporary repair, and once the weather was fit made the permanent repair saved me many dollars by not having to replace drywall and the expense of water damage.
We are currently getting ready to start the second half of replacing the windows at my home.
However, I have a Story I think will show why Smucker is above the rest, My daughter had built a home, when the home was 2 years old settling occurred and the builder would not respond. Smucker came in and repaired the sliding door, but they also advised me that something was radically wrong with the structure of the home. Various repairs were made in the next 5 years for roof leaks, windows that would no longer shut, to a sliding door that completely bent to the point the entire unit had to be replaced. The builder never responded. Smucker kept saying after each repair the home had a severe problem, finally I took their advice, I hired a structural engineer to review the home and the determination was the house had actually broken in half from the middle of the garage footer across the basement to the opposite wall from the garage. The claim against the builder was settled in arbitration for over 100K. If Smucker had not kept records of their repairs and kept telling me to pursue the builder, My daughter would have suffered out of pocket expenses that may have cost her the house. I would always recommend Smucker based on my experience for quality work, done by quality people they have never disappointed.”  

– Jeff from Lancaster PA

“We have used Smucker and Sons several times over the years for window installation, door installation and gutter installation and will be hiring them for an upcoming siding installation. As repeat customers, we will get other estimates but end up using Smucker and Sons because we trust them to do the job correctly and also to fix any unexpected issues(which have been very minor and rare). We also love the crew that comes out and request them for every job if possible.”   


Wanted to let you know you have two excellent employees ( Josh and Ben ).  They installed the new door today and did a great job. Both were very professional, courteous, and meticulous in their work. It looks great!  If you ever need a reference, we would be glad to help you out. 

– anonymous